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          Tiny house e-course

          Get started right away by signing up for our self paced Free 7 Day E-Course. Learn the basics from trailers all the way through roofing.


          Tiny house workshop

          Join us from the comfort of your own sofa and learn how to save thousands of dollars on your tiny house build with our digital workshop experience!


          Our best selling “How To Guide To Building A Tiny House” video series contains 6+ hours of invaluable information. It’s a must watch!


          The hOMe plans are complete and stamped by a structural engineer. Use them as-is or customize them to fit your specific needs.

          tinyhousebuild.com free info articles

          From downsizing, to mechanical systems, to construction techniques and everything in between; you’ll find tons of FREE info on our Blog!

          tiny house build book

          We’re proud to have authored the Idiot’s Guide “Tiny House Designing, Building, & Living”. It’s a complete resource for any tiny houser! 


          “Andrew’s the bomb when it comes to building a tiny house and explaining the process clearly. I can’t recommend his video highly enough. It’s the most beautifully done and thoroughly informative footage. Andrew’s a far better builder than most anyone I know, including me.”

          Jay Shafer

          “The hOMe plans are very high quality, contain a lot of detail, and are geared toward the beginner builder. The materials list is incredibly detailed and the framing plans feature more detail than standard. Also, Andrew’s detailed video explaining how to read house plans is not to be missed.”

          Ryan Mitchell

          “Andrew has such a genuine way about him that makes everyone immediately feel both comfortable and part of a team. If you have the opportunity to attend of of his workshops, you must go! It will be both time and money well spent. You’ll grow and learn in ways that you hadn’t anticipated.”

          BA Norrgard

          MANY FACES OF hOMe

          Visit our photo gallery for many other examples of completed hOMe builds.

          ABOUT US

          Andrew and Gabriella discovered the tiny house movement right when they were realizing that the American “dream” was actually a nightmare. Inspired to create the best lives possible for their family, they got rid of 90% of their worldly belongings and designed and built their “hOMe” tiny house.

          Andrew has been a professional builder for over 20+ years but his passion and focus is on empowering others (especially the DIY movement). He has taught over 3,500 at his workshops and has seen, time and time again, people with no previous building experience create the home of their dreams.

          We’ve been arming the DIY movement since 2006 & our mission is to create and offer the highest quality resources out there so that YOU can turn your tiny house fantasy into a reality.

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